Franplast has been awarded the Quality Alternation Seal of Approval.

Just as in 2018, this year Franplast received recognition from Confindustria as an enterprise in Brescia that implements high-quality School-Work Alternation courses and thus contributes to combating unemployment among young people and promoting, instead, better employability.
With honor Franplast was able to distinguish itself for the quality of the training courses activated during 2021, which is why Confindustria wanted to award it.

Average age decreases in Franplast

Young people and their potential are a theme that has always been close to Franplast’s heart; it is no coincidence that it has been moving in this direction for a long time by organizing and encouraging events to promote young people and their training; an example are the two PMI DAYs it has joined and actively participated in.
This year, two new people were hired in Franplast: Samira and Matteo, with the main intention of enhancing and strengthening the foreign sales network. It is not to be taken for granted how the average age of Franplast staff has been significantly reduced over the years.

Goals and future plans

Franplast wants to keep up with the times, both from a human and production activity perspective. We are talking about smart industry that bases its principles on innovation, digitization, and technology and is committed to encouraging staff training with courses, updates, and in-depth training. There is a commitment in the company to think and act sustainably, from the selection of recycled materials (sustainable tpe) to the search for high-end raw materials: everything revolves around improving the production chain.